Tight Little Ass Massage in Pink Thong Panties

Alison Star really looks great in this video, especially her tight little ass as it gets a double handful type massage while she’s still wearing her little pink thong panties.

Her obvious assets are those massive titties, but I think she’s got a nice butt too, a little on the small side but with a bunch of chunk to it even still. You can really tell when he squeezes her ass cheeks slowly, kneading them in his strong hands as he rubs her backside.

If you’re a fan of assholes of the female variety, you’ll be happy to find that Alison Star has a beautiful little starfish stuck up her butt too.

Beautiful Tight Little Ass of Alison Star in Butt Massage Video

Full Length 720p HD Video @ Massage Creep : .WMV, 36:23, 690MB, 1280×720 HD, 2,500k

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Madison Ivy Erotic Ass Massage Video

Happy to see Madison Ivy in an ass massage video scene from Massage Creep, in my opinion one of the better massage porn sites out there. If you haven’t seen Madison Ivy before you’re in for a treat. I don’t normally love the big fake tits look, but she really wears it well. Add to that a tight, toned bronze body and an insatiable sex appetite only a real pornstar can possess, and we’ve got ourselves a winner on our hands.

Tanned Oiled Up Madison Ivy Massage Video Scene with Ass Licking

Full Length 720p HD Video @ Massage Creep : .WMV, 25:43, 489MB, 1280×720 HD, 2,500k

She lays out on a massage bed in this video, and gets her body worked and her ass toyed with at every available opportunity. Ass licking fans will enjoy this one, as she gets rimmed pretty good by this dirty creepy massage artist. Madison Ivy is a pro though, his tongue doesn’t phase her a bit. This is what she spent all those years in school for, right? A nice kinky and erotic ass massage video with plenty of anal play from Porn Pros.

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Expert Sex Massage HD Video of Euro Teen

A truly expert sex massage it would seem from one of the leading sites in the massage sex genre, which isn’t always the case. Lots of the guys in these videos could use a few lessons in actually giving the massages, but that’s clearly not the case in this HD video of euro teen Lindsey. She has thick volumonous brown hair, long false eyelashes, nice natural titties and a pretty shaved pussy. A girl that looks stunning on the massage table with her ass in the air, and with the expert hands working her oiled thighs it’s that much more enjoyable to watch.

She’s got a pretty big bruise on one of her thighs actually wonder where that came from. Maybe she just bumped into something too hard, or it’s a previous sex act accident. I guess it’s whatever you imagine it to be if you like the porn fantasy aspect of things.

Lindsey Massage Sex and Facial Cumshot from WTF Pass

Full Length 720p HD Video @ HD Massage Porn : .MP4, 32:55, 898MB, 1280×720 HD, 3,700k

His experienced hands work her ass the most in this portion of the video, and before it ends we see her turned over on her back with two towels covering her private female bits as he starts her full frontal massage session.

One thing I noticed about this video with euro teen Lindsey is how fast her expert massage therapists hands are as he strokes her. He works in quick rapid motions which I haven’t seen a lot of in the work of the other massage guys they get to do these scenes.

This was a pretty good scene all around I’d say. I really liked going from the creamy facial cumshot finish to the beginning when she first steps into the massage room for contrast. She comes in clean and smiling with a pair of denim jean shorts and a t-shirt on, and leaves hot, sticky, sweaty and naked. Interestingly, she has the giggles when she’s getting naked on the bed and the scene starts, but leaves giggling as well from the orgasms and intense sex. Happy we get to watch in full HD video.

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Ass Massage With Deep Anal Penetration of Petite Teen

Ass massage of Nora, a petite teen from Russia who clearly loves giving up her butt in this deep anal penetration scene. Whether it’s the exterior of her posterior, or the internal chute of her caboose, she’s ready and willing to offer up her backside for a proper ass massage complete with anal sex.

This young girl’s name is Nora, she does speak a little bit of English but not very much. She verifies that she was born and raised in Russia when asked, in the prelude to the massage before she takes off her clothes to get ready.

Ass Massage Session Followed by Deep Anal Penetration

Full Length 720p HD Video @ HD Massage Porn : .MP4, 38:53, 1.07GB, 1280×720 HD, 3,850k

Nora smiles because she’s highly ticklish at various parts of the scene, and does some gentle natural moaning as he touches her tushy. She finds it especially amusing when he spreads his straightened fingers and pokes the underside of her asscheeks with both hands. There’s a little bit of a foot massage and leg rub at the end of the clip too.

This site is called HD Massage Porn, and they seem to always use the same guy for the scenes. They rarely show his face, but he’s well built, has a big dick and the chicks seem to dig him. He’s definitely a butt pirate, and always throws his fingers and knuckles into the action, especially if he’s fucking the girls doggystyle. I bet he was extra pleased to be handed a petite little Russian teen anal whore for this massage session. It’s the kind of thing that deserves a little fist pump when you find out what’s on the menu du jour.

Since this blog is devoted specifically to ass massages I have to choose that part of the scene, but trust me there’s plenty of deep anal penetration of Nora later on in the full length version of this video. I especially like it when this petite teen lies on her belly and holds the tops of her feet while getting fucked from behind by a thick cock on the sturdy massage table.

I almost feel bad to be taking the last post off the top, such a perfect round butt on the girl from the post below! Have a look down.

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Tight Athletic Ass of Blonde Teen Erica

One glance at this glorious tight athletic ass and I knew this video scene from FuckedHard18 had to be posted here. She’s got a set of awesome extremely perky breasts too, but to me it’s not even a toss up what her best asset is. It’s that ass. I’ve seen few butts this perfectly shaped. Erica truly has an ass with all the perfect curves.

Perfect Ass on Blonde Teen Erica from Fucked Hard 18

While sometimes this video feels like an around-the-ass massage rather than a direct hit style squeezing those cheeks repeatedly type butt rub.

The massage begins with her ass to the camera, legs pressed tightly together as he gives her whole thighs, cheeks and inner legs long strokes with his thumbs. Then he moves to the underside of her buttcheeks and pushes his thumbs into her ass muscles on the creases where her thighs meet her ass.

Erica is a blonde teen with all the right body parts. For her size, she’s got a ridiculous bubble butt and tight athletic ass that’s pretty unparalleled. Incredible that her breasts are nearly as interesting in their own right, though we don’t even get a peek of them in this sample movie clip from Fucked Hard 18.

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Tiny Ass of Latina Teen in Massage Sex Video

Marya is the latina teen in this massage sex video, with a beautiful tiny ass on a tall skinny girl, I’m sure she’s turned a head or two in her limited time as a viable and hopefully available young woman. This video begins with a basic single thigh massage, and she has a white sheet draped across the topside of her little butt though the bottom half is still clearly visible, along with her frashly shaved snatch.

He removes the white half sheet on her tiny ass, and quickly gets more assertive by using his thumbs and stroking both side of her big outside pussy lips once, just to remind her where this is going and make her sweat a little. Then it’s straight to her toned little buttcheeks, each of which can easily fit inside one of his big palms.

Tall Skinny Marya on Massage Table Getting Her Tiny Ass Massaged at HD Massage Porn

Tall Skinny Marya on Massage Table Getting Her Tiny Ass Massaged at HD Massage Porn

Full Length 720p HD Video @ HD Massage Porn : .MP4, 45:04, 1.2 GB, 1280×720 HD, 3600k

Marya is proof that not all Spanish girls have big asses, as you’d figure would be the case. But still, I think she has a nicer ass than the equivalently proportioned white girl I’d imagine. Just that little bit extra.

He has some trouble getting the massage oil bottle to squirt, but finally it spurts a bit out onto her ass. He works it in, then fingers her a bit pretty vigorously, before abruptly stopping again just as fast as he’d started, and slowly works the ass massage again. You can see her visibly frustrated, all part of his master plan of playing her like the fine violin of a young woman that she is.

For almost the entire length of the movie we can’t see her breasts at all, so it’s a mystery what she has pressed against the massage table. It’s only in the final seconds of this massage sex video clip that she turns over onto her back, finally giving us a fleeting view of her flat chest and small little boobs. A perfect companion to that tiny ass and long skinny teen figure.

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Anal fingering and thumbing oil soaked ass massage

Lots of anal fingering and asshole thumbing in this oil soaked ass massage video, where Julie Cash gets her bikini bottoms absolutely soaked in baby oil. A very teasing video you’d say, since the guy doing the massaging really teases with taking her bikini bottoms off, pulling them down to show us her ass and pussy, and up to give us that tight camel toe kind of look, giving her a wedgie with the oil saturated stretchy thong bikini.

Anal fingering and thumbing oil soaked ass massage from Big Wet Butts

Anal fingering and thumbing oil soaked ass massage from Big Wet Butts

We get started with thin streams of light golden massage oil being drizzled onto the fine dry ass of Julie Cash, ending it’s run of dryness. He massages the oil in to her buttocks, spreads her cheeks wide, and messes with her bikini bottom in a playful manner. The teasing continues as he rubs his fingers and thumbs around her butthole, rubbing the soft skin around her anus before putting one thumb, two thumbs and later on stuffs multiple fingers into her asshole, starting with one finger, then two fingers, and finally a full three digits get probingly forced deep into her anal crevice and cavity. Maybe he’s a doctor checking her colon out – or maybe he heard this ass whore just likes this sort of thing. Probably read it on the wall in a bathroom somewhere. Anywhere really.

Big Wet Butts is the source of this anal fingering video clip, where they call this scene Million Dollar Ass with model Julie Cash. She’s definitely a booty model by nature, but I doubt she’s getting a million bucks for this scene! If her butt is worth a million, they surely got it on a steep discount for shoot day. They probably did pay extra for all the anal fingering and ass thumbing though, plus they have anal sex later on of course. This I know, carries a premium.

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Jessie Rogers ass in shower gets soapy booty massage

Jessie Rogers ass has my full attention of late, as this newcomer pornstar and fresh face has my interest piqued, and surely many other fans too. Building a following, she is. Here she’s doing a soapy shower massage scene, with her big ass booty on full display. I haven’t seen Jessie Rogers ass look better than in this scene from POV Life, where they really highlight her best asset by far. What an ass this blonde starlet has! To say it’s special wouldn’t be doing it justice, it simply must be beholden.

We see her soft n dry buttocks after she’s undressed in this free video sample, and she talks with the camera operator whose obviously shooting in the point of view style of gonzo porn shooting for this site POV Life. This Jessie Rogers ass scene was just released in late February of 2012, so it’s very fresh and you likely haven’t seen it before.

Jessie Rogers big booty getting a soapy ass massage in shower at POV Life

Jessie Rogers big booty getting a soapy ass massage in shower at POV Life

In fact there’s a lot of leadup in this scene even prior to this, with maybe 10 minutes of almost BTS (behind the scenes) footage of Jessie Rogers out on the town fully clothed at night, and in the car on the way to their place where they shoot this scene. If you like your pornography with a bit of storyline and enjoy learning a bit more about the models you’re about to see naked, then you’ll enjoy the full length scene of this, titled Jessie Rogers in South Beach Booty – so I suppose they’re in Miami, Florida since that’s where South Beach is!

While Jessie Rogers ass doesn’t get a traditional massage in the sense you’d expect from this blog, anyone who loves a nice ass will enjoy every second this video has to offer. Jessie Rogers has a premium booty, and it’s really accentuated in the style of filming they do here, and because they jump into the shower to do a soapy booty massage, or at least a self rubdown you’d say.

Really impressed with this video, it’s an ass lovers dream of a beautiful young porn starlet whose really going to do things in 2012. Jessie Rogers ass is something truly special. She’s got everything it takes to be a top flight pornstar, including a unique look, an infectious smile, and well – dat ass. Please have a look at the POV Life website and see if it’s worth joining! If you do consider a membership, please see my brief POV Life review at my other site that provides some more information and a discounted price point.

NOTE: See my Jessie Rogers Videos blog too!

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Erotic butt massage movie of Avril at Fucked Hard 18

Avril smiles as she turns over, ready for her erotic butt massage from Fucked Hard 18 to begin. She’s already completely nude, having already had a full body massage but while facing upwards lying flat on her back. Since this is a blog all about butt massages though, most of the content that I post here has the girls lying on their stomach and breasts, ass poked up towards the ceiling. Face down ass up, that’s the way we like to fuck! Who else knows that song?

Avril Gets an Erotic Butt Massage and Gives a Blowjob at FH18

Avril Gets an Erotic Butt Massage and Gives a Blowjob at FH18

Truthfully I wish the sensual butt massage portion of this movie lasted a lot longer, but it was over almost as fast as it began and is contained in its entirety in this 3 minute video clip. The full length feature massage movie is 57 minutes long, so it’s a shame to only devote a couple of minutes to he medium sized ass. A pretty nice butt for a white girl to be honest.

Now that’s not to say this was the only time her masseur fondled that hot butt, however this is the only part that was pure massage based. There’s of course a lot of great views of her behind as she undresses out of her street clothes, and especially while they fuck each other on the massage table.

This free video clip ends as the blowjob begins, as Avril doesn’t want to wait any longer and reaches into her butt massage therapist’s cotton sweat pants and pulls his dick out. She’s conveniently lying at the right height to take his cock into her mouth right away.

Fucked Hard 18 is one of my personal favourite massage sex sites, and one of the primary reasons I started making these blogs devoted to erotic butt massages and other body parts. I love the pacing of their scenes, and how excited the girls get. They’re brought to at least one and usually several orgasms before the sex even begins, or other times they’re teased and are given orgasm denials during the massage portion, until they’re practically begging to get the cock inside them. Few other sites I’ve seen have as much sexual tension buildup as this teen site devoted to 18 year old girls getting body rubs does.

If you’ve never been a member of Fucked Hard 18 before, what are you waiting for?! If you like butt massages and erotic massage sex in general, you truly can’t go wrong here.

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Oiled ass massage anal inspection search in latex rubber gloves

Girls with names like Olga Cabaeva will do almost anything to get an American passport and move to a western country. This apparently includes dressing up in a sexy dress and getting her oiled ass primed for an anal inspection in rubber gloves for her interview with a border patrol and customs officer. Her special passport renewing day has arrived, and Brazzers has chosen the aptly titled Assport Renewal for this ass massage sex scene from Big Wet Butts.

From the moment her big ass walked through the door, Olga Cabaeva knew what she wanted and what she was prepared to offer to get it. Her ass cheeks were both hanging low, with the lower half of her butt visible to anyone who cared to look. Turns out her horny customs and border patrol agent is the caring type, and after a glance at her butt cheeks and the rest of her curvy body, he couldn’t resist taking this interview to a deeply forbidden place that could easily get him fired from his cushy office job. He’s not supposed to be giving immigrants ass massages and especially not a probing anal inspection, after all.

Ass Massage and Anal Inspection of Olga Cabaeva from Big Wet Butts

Ass Massage and Anal Inspection of Olga Cabaeva from Big Wet Butts

He insists she’ll need to have an ass cavity search, and Olga puts on a faux worried look, even though she was secretly hoping to get it on with this muscled bald border officer, and likes anal sex. She complies with his orders and demands, and his first idea doesn’t seem so bad. He tells her to hike up her dress and sit on his small office all in one photocopier and printer, and to spread her cheeks as he takes a photocopy. Maybe he’ll be able to see inside of her anal cavity enough to finish his anal strip search.

After waiting to see the results of this girl photocopy her ass as the machine prints, it’s clear there isn’t much to see on the paper that’s useful. Maybe some oil will help? He tells her to get down, lean over his desk, and he liberally applies some baby massage oil to her ass, massaging it into both of her big ass cheeks. All he can think about is the deep probing anal inspection he’s about to give her.

Another failed attempt at photocopying her butt crack later, and it’s clear where this is going to have to go. He puts on a pair of cream coloured latex rubber gloves, fondles her ass a few more times and gets to work with the anal cavity search using his fingers to see what he can find. His European curvy client Olga Cabaeva moans in pleasure, and so he keeps fingering her asshole and working her to the point that she’ll be willing to take things further, doing whatever it takes to get her passport renewed. They fuck on the desk in the rest of the scene, and Olga gives him a great deep blowjob as he plays with her ass and fingers her pussy.

An enjoyable anal inspection and ass massage sex scene from Big Wet Butts, typical of the reality porn and storylines that are often featured in scenes at Brazzers.

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